Tenaris installs dust collector system in Indonesian mill to boost efficiency, reduce emissions

Tenaris has recently installed a new dust collector system at its mill in Indonesia to enhance efficiency and reduce air pollution, improving the facility’s environmental performance.

The dust collector system has been replaced on the internal sand blasting (ISB) line to reduce emissions levels. The investment also extends the life of the filter requiring less changes and reduces mechanical wear by preventing dust and fine particles from potentially damaging equipment, thereby reducing maintenance costs.

Tenaris’s ISB line has undergone significant improvements in terms of safety and productivity since it first started operating in 2014. The replacement of the dust collector system supports Tenaris’s mill achieve a lower dust emissions level of 8 mg/Nm3, significantly below the national regulation standard in Indonesia of 350 mg/Nm3.

“We are committed to prioritizing a clean work environment, inside and outside of our facility, and the well-being of the community. It is drivers such as this that guide and inform our investment decisions,” said Agung Wijanarko, Tenaris Operations Senior Director in Indonesia.

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