Tenaris presents advanced solutions for CCUS and hydrogen applications at Bremen expos

Tenaris returned as a gold sponsor of the Hydrogen & Carbon Capture Technology Expos in Bremen, Germany, to present its advanced product solutions to support the energy transition.

Almost 6,500 attendees from approximately 90 different countries took part in the leading international events on October 19-20, showcasing developments and technologies linked to hydrogen implementation as a clean fuel for a net zero future, as well as the latest advancements for capturing, storing or using CO2, providing an immediate reduction of hard to abate industries.

While progress has been made in developing hydrogen and carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS) value chains in Europe, as an increasing number of projects mature, there are several challenges to overcome, mainly related with cost reduction, regulations, and technical risks.

Tenaris has been consolidating its technical expertise over the years to develop key competences and the technologies required to ensure reliable solutions to support the deployment of low carbon energy applications.  Paolo Novelli, Tenaris energy transition OCTG director, provided an overview on CCUS and hydrogen solutions during a panel discussion.  

Paolo Novelli, Tenaris energy transition OCTG director, provided an overview on CCUS and hydrogen solutions during a panel discussion. Tenaris

“CCUS is a segment that will have relevant impact in the coming years; a growing market that we’re ready to serve with premium products coming from our oil and gas high-end portfolio, proprietary steel grades, solid R&D know-how and technical support. Leveraging decades of testing and successful use in oil and gas wells, and experience in pioneering CCUS projects, TenarisHydril premium connections are an optimal solution to be applied in CO2 injection wells, while our expertise working in corrosive conditions will ensure reliable products for offshore and onshore transportation for CO2 use and sequestration,” said Novelli.

In 2021, Tenaris launched THera™ - Tenaris Hydrogen era - its proprietary products and materials technology for hydrogen applications. These include hydrogen storage systems designed to withstand pressures ranging from 240 bar to 1,000 bar; tube trailers customized to meet size specifications for reliable transport options, and a range of solutions for industrial segments such as refineries, hydrocarbons and green/blue hydrogen processing.

“We are seeing fast growth in demand for large, high-pressure vessels used in the build-out of hydrogen refueling stations for heavy-duty vehicles and buses in Europe and North America. We’ve already served more than 70 projects worldwide and we’re developing synergies to support our customers with all upcoming challenges, from the ones more related to material performance to the ones implied in infrastructure construction,” highlighted Nicola Pedrinelli, Tenaris commercial senior director for gas cylinders & power generation.

To address climate change, Tenaris is not only developing products and services for use in low-carbon energy applications, but it’s also decarbonizing its operations. In February 2021, the company set a medium-term target to reduce the carbon emissions intensity rate of its operations by 30% by the year 2030, compared to a 2018 baseline.

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