Tenaris presents CCUS solutions for energy transition in a SPE Tech Talk

Tenaris will be giving a tech talk, hosted by the Society of Petroleum Engineers, on Thursday, November 10 at 8:30am CST to explain its offer for Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) applications to contribute to energy transition.

Paolo Novelli, energy transition OCTG projects director, and Erica Gibellini, technical sales senior engineer, will go through Tenaris’s role in contributing to the development of CCUS as a tool to move towards a decarbonized world, also discussing Tenaris’ product portfolio, experiences, and developments for ongoing CCUS projects.

“CCUS is a segment that will have relevant impact in the coming years; a growing market that we’re ready to serve with premium products coming from our oil and gas high-end portfolio, proprietary steel grades, solid R&D know-how and technical support,” says Paolo Novelli.

Tenaris will be hosting other tech talks devoted to our technologies for low-carbon applications and our plans for decarbonization in our mills in the following months.

Read more about Tenaris solutions for low-carbon applications.

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