Tenaris provides string design service for deepest high pressure and temperature well in Colombia for Canacol

Pola -1, at 19,700-feet deep, is the longest gas well to be drilled by Canacol, the independent exploration and production company extracting onshore natural gas in Colombia. Tenaris's proposed string design was chosen for this critical high pressure & high temperature gas well.

Tenaris’s technical sales team in the Andean region was asked to carry out the design of this large project in 2020. Due to the complex characteristics of the project, the string design required extensive experience and knowledge. “It was the moment to demonstrate our capacity to contribute to the development of the country in a project of such significance. This well has the equivalent weight of six regular wells normally drilled by Canacol, a company that drills an average of 10 wells a year,” says Carolina Romero, Technical Sales Manager.

Temperatures of 160°C and high pressures of 18 thousand pounds per square inch (18,000 psi) are expected to be found in the well, as well as corrosive gases such as CO2 and H2S.

To face this challenge, the team recommended premium connections to withstand pressure downhole including the TenarisHydril EasyDock™ connection, TenarisHydril Blue®, TenarisHydril Blue® Heavy Wall and TenarisHydril Wedge 523® connections, and proprietary enhanced collapse and burst steel grades.

After a year and a half of working with the Canacol drilling engineering team, Tenaris’s design was approved, specifying 100% acceptance of the established recommendations. In addition, Tenaris will supply 1,357 tons of pipe for this well with spud date expected for June this year.

Tenaris will also support Canacol by providing the necessary services and specialized technical knowledge at the rig to ensure success during the operation.

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