Tenaris registers record fractures in Vaca Muerta in first year of operations

Tenaris has surpassed 1,000 fractures in Vaca Muerta in first year of operations Tenaris

A year after the start of its hydraulic fracturing operations in Argentina, Tenaris has surpassed 1,000 fractures in Vaca Muerta, record activity for the company, in the world's second largest reservoir for shale gas and one of the world’s quickest growing shale play.

Hydraulic fracturing operations are initially concentrated in Fortín de Piedra, an oilfield operated by Tecpetrol, the main shale gas producer in Argentina and Tenaris’s sister company.

“This is a key project for Tenaris that not only allows us to continue expanding our service offer to clients in the region but also contributes to the development of a key resource for Argentina. Throughout these 1,000 fractures we have learned from many challenges, reaching our best productivity in the last operations, with an average activity of six fractures and with peaks of nine fractures per day,” said Javier Martínez Álvarez, Tenaris President for the Southern Cone.

Tenaris plans to continue consolidating its scope of services in Vaca Muerta Tenaris

Tenaris plans to continue consolidating its scope of services in Vaca Muerta. The company will strengthen current operations by adding new high-performance hydraulic fracturing and coiled tubing equipment. Higher power pumping units and peripheral equipment will also be incorporated, especially designed for the demands of the country’s shale formations.

Additionally, to contain the growing level of operation, Tenaris is going to build a new service base of 15 hectares in a location close to the main oilfield. The investment will include maintenance facilities, warehouses, equipment testing areas and a quality laboratory and offices.

In March 2021, Tenaris announced the acquisition of hydraulic fracturing, coiled tubing and wire-line equipment from Baker Hughes. Three months later the company completed its first fracture. The project has proved to be successful thanks to record set up of the equipment, the hiring of more than 100 people and the consolidation of a national value chain.

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