Tenaris shares insights on energy transition actions, opportunities at ASME Pressure Vessel & Piping Conference

Experts from Tenaris’s product technology team took part in the 2022 ASME Pressure Vessels & Piping (PVP) Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. ASME PVP is a recognized international technical forum with representatives from government institutions, end users, researchers and manufacturers from more than 40 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, the Americas and the Oceania islands, gathering to share and exchange know-how about the PVP engineering innovations and emerging technologies.

Erick Escorza, industrial & process technology senior director at Tenaris, offered a perspective of steel industry actions and responsibilities towards achieving a carbon free economy. “It’s been a great opportunity to share insights with such an important audience about how industry is preparing for the transition, equipping infrastructure from fossil-based to hydrogen-based energy as a renewable energy system and discuss some of the technical barriers to its implementation,” he said. “We presented innovative projects and product developments Tenaris is leading aiming to increase knowledge sharing, technical discussions and collaboration.”

Tenaris is progressing on its road map to reduce the carbon emissions intensity of its operations by 30% by 2030 compared to 2018, while preparing for the energy transition by developing a solid portfolio of materials and products for low-carbon energy applications.

“Through our intense R&D activity, with our technical experts actively participating in joint industry working groups to define new standards or conducting testing with other leading companies, we are shaping reliable solutions to meet any need from hydrogen, to geothermal, carbon capture usage and storage (CCUS), solar and wind applications,” highlighted Escorza.

ASME PVP Conference is a traditional venue for hydrogen activities with worldwide experts gathering to discuss material compatibility and hydrogen embrittlement related issues.

There has been an increased focus on the development of pressure vessels steels, where Tenaris has been a key player supplying representative materials for tests. Most of the recent findings, including results from testing performed by Tenaris, have been incorporated into codes and standards, and nowadays, research efforts are dedicated to testing methodologies to shorten duration and complexity of hydrogen tests.

Tenaris is addressing the need for reliable and high-performance materials in hydrogen environments with THera™, a new technology that offers a long-lasting and completely recyclable material with a verified product lifecycle, thanks to material testing in pressurized hydrogen environments. THera™ applications include hydrogen storage systems for refueling stations designed for pressures from 240 bar up to 1000 bar; tube trailers with customized dimensions and lengths to optimize the hydrogen transport design; onshore and offshore pipelines to safely transport up to 100% hydrogen.

Read more about Tenaris solutions for low carbon applications, and THera™.

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