Tenaris to supply Gran Tierra with Rig Direct® services for its first exploration campaign in Ecuador

Tenaris will supply Gran Tierra Energy with 7,000 tons of casing and tubing to drill 14 wells in the country's Eastern Basin over a three-year period.

Gran Tierra, a South American energy company focused on the exploration, development, and production of oil and gas, began its exploratory campaign in August at the Bocachico 01 and Charapa Nore 01 wells.

It is the first company in Ecuador to use the easy-to-install TenarisHydril Wedge 461® connection, which is ideal for drilling applications that require extreme torque capacity against rotation in their deviated wells.

"It is critical for Gran Tierra to ensure excellent cement quality in all coatings. We need high-torque connections, such as the TenarisHydril Wedge 461®, that we have been using without incidents," said Gran Tierra Energy Drilling Leader, Diego Torres.

Tenaris will also provide the customer with TXP® BTC and TenarisHydril Blue® connections. Gran Tierra has also adopted Rig Direct® services to optimize its supply chain with solutions such as RunReady™, which includes the preparation of pipes to be run in the well; Pipe Tracer®, a unique pipe identification solution that offers access to product information via mobile devices; rig returns, a service in which customers only pay for the pipes they use; and field services support.

"The collaboration between Tenaris and Gran Tierra began in Colombia many years ago, and the growth of our partnership underscores the trust in our technical and service capabilities, and further strengthens the relationship with a customer that is expanding its presence in South America,” said Gustavo Martinez, Managing Director in Ecuador.

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