Tenaris executes torque turn monitoring services using real-time data for Ascent Resources

Tenaris’s core philosophy of having boots on the ground has propelled the US team to find new ways to offer the best possible quality guidance in the field.  

In January, a team of field service experts provided running and technical assistance for Ascent Resource, one of the largest privately-held exploration and production companies in the United States. The field service was deployed in the Marcellus shale region, a major natural gas rock formation on the country's eastern side, using torque turn monitoring services with real-time data to support well integrity.   

Tenaris offers torque turn monitoring services to complement the company’s Rig Direct® service, which includes well planning, supply chain integration, and well integrity. With the new development, Tenaris is now able to collect and analyze real-time torque data from rig operations improving critical on-site decisions and providing a higher quality running assistance.  

“The benefits that come from this new service include: an improved collaboration, immediate data analytics and transparency, reduced personnel on the rig, and a leaner process for administrative relief,” said Stan Cherry, Ascent Resources Lead Drilling Superintendent. 

“With this added service component, Tenaris is further streamlining rig operations, creating greater value for its customers. In addition to the improved data analytics and tracking, Tenaris is also able to enhance safety with less crews onsite while increasing the synergies with other services such as RunReady™ and PipeTracer® technology,” explained Tenaris US Vice President of Supply Chain, Wenceslao Pigretti. 

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