Tenaris unveils office redesign with employee wellbeing at center

Tenaris is transforming its office space layout across its industrial and commercial facilities that boosts flexibility and enhances an evolving working methodology and environment, post-pandemic.

As part of the company’s global redesign plan, Tenaris recently unveiled the revamp of two pilot projects in Argentina - its commercial office in Buenos Aires and industrial workspace at its Siderca mill in the city of Campana.

“As employees transition back to the office, we want to create engaging, modern spaces that align and support our new, flexible working scheme; a place that is conducive to greater collaboration and offers the resources and environment to do so, comfortably,” said Luis Scartascini, Tenaris Chief Human Resources Officer. 

The layout redesign offers:

  • Extensive open spaces with a café environment that incorporates more natural lighting;
  • Lounge areas furnished with sofas and armchairs offering a respite from desks to encourage informal conversations and creativity;
  • Hi-tech meeting rooms with transparent walls that are also equipped with smart glass technology that can become opaque for privacy, when needed.
  • Bare ceilings, enhancing the openness of office spaces providing additional height to the open concept.

Redesigned offices open in Argentina

Redesigned offices open in Argentina

“We are glad to be visiting with colleagues face-to-face again. Our vision with the reimagined workspaces is to balance and bridge the remote and in-person, and help our employees achieve better wellbeing in their day,” said Scartascini.

Phase 1 of the Tenaris’s five year global office redesign is underway with plans to complete the remodel of spaces in Mexico, USA, UK, Canada, Romania, and Italy twelve months from now.

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