Tenaris and Ecopetrol renew agreement in Colombia

Tenaris has renewed its contract with Ecopetrol until February 2025, reinforcing the relationship between both companies.

The renewed agreement covers the supply of pipes under the Rig Direct® service model, which supports customers throughout their drilling projects. It begins with well planning, where our technical experts optimize product selection to maximize performance while streamlining costs. Through supply chain integration, Tenaris manufactures and delivers pipes RunReady™ -ready to be installed in the well. The service contributes to a streamlined, sustainable operation.

Tenaris will supply both casing and tubing with premium technologies such as TenarisHydril Blue® and Wedge 513®, Wedge 523®, Wedge 521® connections and TXP® Buttress connections to serve Ecopetrol’s operations in diverse environments, from complex deep wells to mature fields.

“This contract strengthens a relationship that has been growing over the years. We recognize the experience that Tenaris has in our country, and we value the fact that most of the products are made in Colombia,” says  Ecopetrol´s Supply Chain Management.

“We have been collaborating with Ecopetrol for many years and with this renewal, we will continue to advance the strategy of offering integrated services for everything from mature fields to the most complex projects, and contributing to the development of the energy industry in Colombia in a sustainable and responsible way,” says Tenaris Commercial Director in Colombia, Federico Gianinetto.

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