Tenaris grants Roberto Rocca Scholarships to four students in Guyana

Roberto Rocca Scholars Tenaris

Tenaris has awarded four college students with Roberto Rocca Education Program scholarships in Guyana in recognition of their outstanding academic achievements. Through this global scholarship initiative, Tenaris aims to foster technical education across the communities where it operates.

“We are committed to helping promote Guyanese talent. Education is a key tool for the development of any community. This initiative has now materialized with the selection of the first four students to be welcomed into Roberto Rocca Scholarships at the University of Guyana,” said Tenaris Community Relations Manager Daniela Osorio.

“This scholarship gives me courage in knowing I can compete and be successful in a predominantly male field. This gives me the opportunity to engage and learn through experience which will in turn increase my knowledge and ensure future stability” highlighted Shanelle Toshana Dundas, one of the Roberto Rocca scholarship recipients.

Regarding the impact of technical education on the country, Shyon Niles, geology student and scholarship recipient, said: “I believe it can help diversify the economy of Guyana beyond traditional industries like agriculture and mining. It can equip individuals with skills and knowledge to pursue careers in technology, engineering, and other high-demand industries. This can lead to the development of new industries and job opportunities in areas such as renewable energy, manufacturing, and technology.”

“Through technical education, Guyana can improve its economic productivity, reduce its dependence on foreign workers, and empower individuals to contribute to their communities' growth and development”, added Rickford Garrett, mechanical engineering student and scholarship recipient.

Established in 2005, the Roberto Rocca Education Program is a global initiative that supports technical education for college students and fellowships for graduate students to study applied sciences or engineering around the world. Students are chosen based on their academic achievements, financial need, leadership potential, and community involvement. The program is currently being implemented in 18 different countries.

Tenaris has been operating in Guyana for 6 years, where recently closed a 10-year agreement with the local ExxonMobil subsidiary in 2022.  The company is actively promoting the development of Guyanese local content through initiatives such as the scholarship program.

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