Wedge 461® connection helps US independent achieve the longest lateral in onshore US

The longest lateral section drilled in a North America oil and gas shale well reaches 24,166' (7,365 m) and is located in Lewis County, West Virginia. But probably not for long.

Every month a new well is achieving record-breaking lengths for their lateral sections in the Appalachian region. A key driver might be TenarisHydril Wedge 461®, the semi-premium connection with consistent and proven field performance, that to date, has been used in more than half of the onshore wells with longest laterals in North America.

“Having contributed to the successful running of the longest lateral in onshore US to date has definitely been a team effort, combining the engineering work, leveraging field-proven connections, and a strong team in the field,” says Guillermo Moreno, Tenaris Chief Commercial Officer.

The trend of longer laterals has steadily grown in recent years, calling for extreme torque capabilities, quicker installation speeds, and overall connection robustness, which are key features of Wedge 461®. With an extended testing program and consistent track record, the connection has gained space in the Appalachian region where it has been used in five of the top eight longest laterals in the US Lower 48 (longer than 23,000’).

“We are proud to contribute to the development of unconventional resources for shale plays around the world. Our Wedge Series 400 connections offer best-in-class torque, bending and compression performance, as well as unrivaled runnability. Combined with our Rig Direct® services, Wedge Series 400 connections make up an integral offer for drilling projects in unconventional wells,” says Lucas Pigliacampo, Tenaris Vice President Oil & Gas Technologies.

For this project, the pipes were supplied RunReady™ under the Tenaris Rig Direct® service model. With RunReady™, pipes are prepared at the Tenaris manufacturing facility and delivered ready to be run in the well, increasing efficiency and reducing risks, which results in simplified on-site operations and lower operational costs.

To learn more about the TenarisHydril Wedge 461® connection, click here.

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