Biodiversity study at Tenaris plant in Argentina

Tenaris has partnered with the conservation group Temaikèn Foundation in Argentina to make a survey of the bird species living on the campus of Siderca, Tenaris's seamless pipe mill in Campana. The findings will facilitate better-integrated environmental, health, and safety management, as well as the safeguarding of native species.

The study confirmed that the mill stands in a transition zone that arises from the fusion of the riparian forest with the floodplain grassland, a typical landscape of the wetlands of the Paraná River delta. The report encourages the continued planting of native tree species to promote the gradual restoration of the regional ecosystem, favoring native species.

It also emphasizes the importance of making the area less attractive to invasive species for nesting by maintaining order and cleanliness. Another key aspect is strengthening the pest management plan, as promoting ecosystem balance is not only an environmental goal but also a matter of health and safety.

“We are integrating biodiversity into our environmental strategy. This project in our Industrial Center in Campana marks a first step in this sense. We are recognizing the importance of the natural ecosystems of our manufacturing sites and how to minimize impacts we may have on them" says Tenaris Environment Senior Director, Carolina Bengochea.

The Temaikèn Foundation is an internationally recognized Argentine NGO dedicated to biodiversity conservation for over 20 years. It develops high-value projects for biodiversity and strengthens social commitment to achieve the health of species and ecosystems, fostering harmonious coexistence among all living beings.

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