Tenaris expertise in geothermal energy to be on display at GeoTHERM Expo & Congress

Graben-Neudorf geothermal field | Courtesy of Deutsche ErdWärme Tenaris

Tenaris will present its comprehensive products and services portfolio for geothermal applications at the GeoTHERM Expo & Congress in Offenburg, Germany, February 29 - March 1.

Germany is a key region in the global landscape for the development of geothermal energy. With its strategic location, technological advancements, and commitment to renewable energy, the country has emerged as a central player in driving growth and innovation of geothermal projects, worldwide. In recent years, environmental concerns due to global warming and the European Union’s support of energy transition gave a strong impulse to renewable energy projects.

“The geothermal energy sector is increasing its focus on technology transfer opportunities from the oil and gas sector,” says Paolo Novelli, technical sales and energy transition director at Tenaris. “Combining our knowledge in oil and gas well design with our experience in geothermal, we can support the geothermal industry with innovative and reliable tubular solutions that can grant a successful development of geothermal resources”.

Tenaris’s technical experts and commercial representatives will be at booth 210 to present the company’s high-end solutions and worldwide track record in the most demanding geothermal projects.

“We have the expertise, the know-how, the infrastructure, the local industrial presence along with a wide products and services portfolio, to contribute to the growth of geothermal activities in Europe, and to support companies that are operating in this market,” underscored Simone Malesani, sales senior manager at Tenaris.

Tenaris has over 30 years of experience in geothermal business worldwide, providing customers with specific products, proprietary steel grades and all-round support, from well design up to on-site installation. Tenaris has been growing its scope of work in geothermal applications in Europe, having participated in major projects throughout the region, from Austria to Switzerland and Romania, with a special focus on Germany’s dynamic geothermal market. Recently, Tenaris has achieved a significant milestone in the geothermal sector with the finalization of the Graben-Neudorf project .

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