Tenaris participating in SPE Latin America and Caribbean Mature Fields Symposium

Tenaris will be participating in the SPE Latin America and Caribbean Mature Fields Symposium in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil on March 15-16. The event is an opportunity for industry professionals to learn about mature fields as well as exchange ideas and identify innovative solutions to maximize productivity and profitability.

On Wednesday, March 15, Federico Camara Guillet, Sucker Rods Technical Sales Manager, will present “Artificial Lift Systems Problems and their Solutions” as well as “Development of a Corrosion-Fatigue Resistant Steel for Sucker Rods” which explains the new demanding challenges for traditional sucker rods, including rising water cuts and complexity of deep horizontals and shale completions.

In response to these new challenges, Tenaris has developed the AlphaRod™ series, which includes solutions that are able to withstand higher loads than traditional (API) sucker rods and overcome fatigue and corrosion fatigue problems in Beam Pumping and Progressive Cavity Pumping applications

Find the complete symposium agenda here.

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