Tenaris hosts customer open house at new Conroe sucker rods mill

Tenaris hosted an open house event yesterday at its sucker rods mill in Conroe, Texas, to show customers firsthand the new, technologically advanced facility, which started operations this summer.

“Efficiency gains remain a focal point across the energy sector, and with this facility, Tenaris is contributing to support the artificial lift segment in this regard, producing quality sucker rods domestically, providing services onsite and managing product delivery,” said Luca Zanotti, Tenaris US President

The sucker rods facility manufactures the full spectrum of API and Tenaris proprietary grades sucker rods for beam and progressive cavity pumping. It has state-of-the-art non-destructive testing equipment, a complete quality testing lab, robotized forging lines, and conducts heat treatment, threading and finishing processes.

“We have sucker rod plants in key markets around the world, as such adding the US, a strong market for rods with high demand, to our network was a strategic investment. It is also important to give our customers a look inside our facilities to see our processes and the advanced technology used to efficiently manufacture rods to support their operations,” said Alejandro Levrino, Tenaris Vice President, Sucker Rods.

The new sucker rods facility further complements Tenaris’s service center in Midland, Texas, where it also has a dedicated sucker rods yard to manage the storage, preparation and delivery of sucker rods as well as equipment on-site to perform services, including the injection of guides onto the rods.

The Conroe sucker rods facility, a $70 million USD investment, had been completed in 2017 but its opening had been delayed due to the oil and gas downturn.

Tenaris has sucker rods mills in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Romania and the United States, with an annual production capacity of more than 4 million units to support customer artificial lift system operations, worldwide.

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