Technical Sales hold multiple online customer trainings in South and North America

Tenaris’s technical teams in Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Canada have held twenty webinars in recent weeks for hundreds of customer representatives. The topics covered range from material selection for OCTG and well engineering to tubular and connection design.

Safety concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic have limited the ability of Tenaris’s technical specialists to have in-person meetings with customers, resulting in a shift to online formats. Technical sales, commercial and quality groups are switching to webinars, while field services teams have been providing remote technical assistance to customers running pipe for some time.

In Argentina, over 300 end-users have taken part in fourteen technical trainings that covered OCTG, line pipe and sucker rods. Meanwhile, the technical sales team in Colombia has organized two webinars on tubular and connection design for more than 55 production, drilling and completion engineers from GeoPark, Frontera Energy and Parex Resources, all oil and gas companies with substantial operations in Latin America.

“Excellent training activity for our technical team,” shared Juan Manuel Moggia, Completion Manager at GeoPark. “We reviewed the theoretical foundations of the tubular design and applied them to real cases in our operations.” His comments were echoed by Nicolas Gerardo Galindez, Quality Manager at Frontera Energy, who took part in the connection design session. “The workshop was very interesting, and content was explained clearly and at a high technical level,” he said.

The webinar on material selection for OCTG for customers in Canada focused on wells with high concentrations of H2S and CO2 and industry standards concerning steel performance in corrosive environments. The three webinars organized by the team in Brazil for independent onshore operators covered a range of topics, including products, applications, services and best-practices for field and yard operations.  

In Mexico, Tenaris’s commercial and quality teams held an online workshop for 210 employees of Grupo Tuvanosa, with focus on pipe rolling processes and steel grades. These sessions used to be held on the grounds of the company’s corporate university near the Tamsa seamless mill in Veracruz and accompanied by a tour of the Industrial Center, but now are hosted on the Microsoft Teams platform.

“Our goal is to keep communication channels with our clients open, so we plan to continue with these trainings,” pointed out Gerardo Roldán, Senior Sales Manager at Tenaris.

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