Introducing Digital Box, the gateway to Tenaris’s digital integration solutions

Technology is contributing to the transformation of the energy sector, worldwide, and Tenaris is no exception. With the introduction of its new Digital Box section of, Tenaris is expanding its offer of digital tools to provide more cost-efficient and sustainable solutions for its customers, while keeping employees safe.

As the energy market faces new challenges triggered by the COVID-19 crisis, oil and gas operators will continue to look to Tenaris as a reliable partner and source of technical and supply chain solutions. Closer digital integration and Rig Direct® services are enabling Tenaris respond to the needs of the industry.  

With more than 70 years of industrial expertise as a leading supplier of steel pipes and related services, Tenaris has a renowned reputation in developing advanced product technologies and innovative services.

“We are developing a set of digital solutions that will integrate our supply chain with that of our customers, saving time, money and resources, while increasing safety, health, efficiency and reliability,” said Alejandro Lammertyn, Tenaris Chief Digital & Information Officer.

The Digital Box includes:

  • Rig Direct® Portal – With this software, customers can place orders, track shipments and deliveries, manage rig returns and access invoices, mill test certificates and bills of lading.
  • PipeTracer® - This app enables immediate access to the pipe history, technical specifications and running guidelines of Tenaris products in real time. This removes the need for manual counting or reporting at the well site, improving accuracy, streamlining operations and increasing safety through less pipe handling. Pipe lengths can also be immediately synchronized with well tally software.
  • Digital MarketplaceOrder directly from Tenaris’s inventory for standard applications. Customers can browse Tenaris products, request a quote, place and track orders, and retrieve documents through a fast and simple process. This is available for USA, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina.
  • OCTG datasheets – A new section on Tenaris’s website devoted to product specifications. Customers can compare threads and quickly identify their product needs by application, pipe attributes or drift.
  • APIs for integration –Tenaris is implementing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to facilitate digital integration between its customers and Tenaris systems, enabling a seamless interaction and information exchange.

We are also responding to the need for safer field service solutions arising due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the deployment of certified field services teams to rig sites, customers receive onsite technical running assistance to support customer well integrity. Preventive measures set in place due to COVID-19, however, have limited the capacity of on-site assistance in some cases and we are now providing remote field service assistance. (To read more about Tenaris’s emergency 24/7 remote assistance, click here)

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