TenarisHydril EasyDock™ connector debuts in Mexican shallow waters

Perforaciones Marítimas Latina (PML) chose TenarisHydril EasyDock connector for the conductor casing of their Koban-5 well, located off the coast of Tabasco, in Mexico. With zero rejects and zero re-makeups, this running marked a promising worldwide commercial debut for the new technology.

“One of the features that facilitated the operation was the TenarisHydril EasyDock™ connector’s simple assembly and running speed. Saving time at the rig means a lot when it comes to optimizing projects and maintaining well integrity”, said Fernando Valdiviezo, PML Engineering and Design Manager.

TenarisHydril EasyDock™ connector is a robust, easy-to-run connector suitable for onshore and offshore applications, available in sizes ranging from 24” to 36. Its proprietary design, with multiple thread starts and few threads per inch (TPI), allows for a smooth assembly. Anti-rotational keys (ARK’s) are pre-installed at Tenaris manufacturing facilities, simplifying logistics and operations.

Tenaris delivered a total of 22 joints ready to be run, saving time and reducing risks at the rig. With Tenaris’s on-site assistance, all connections were made up correctly at first try, showing zero rejects.

“By working under the Rig Direct® service model, we partnered with our customer throughout the whole project and were able to integrate the supply of conductors, casing, tubing and services in a single package, instead of looking for solutions with three or four suppliers,” said Pablo Gómez, Tenaris Commercial Vice President in Mexico.

Prior to the running, Tenaris participated actively in string design and material selection along with the PML team, and offered a rig demonstration of the EasyDock™ connector at its Rig Direct® Academy to show the connector’s features and benefits.

Additional information about TenarisHydril EasyDock™ is available here.

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