Ecopetrol extends its digital integration through the Rig Direct® Portal

Tenaris has become the first Ecopetrol supplier to implement a full digital integration project, merging the information systems of both companies to enhance supply operations and improve efficiency.

According to Ecopetrol, the initiative largely focuses on automation, process assurance, time reduction, traceability and the quality of information. With this integration, Tenaris is able to confirm management indicators and assure process control from placing the order to payment.

The first phase has already been implemented, linking Ecopetrol's SAP to Tenaris's system through the Rig Direct® Portal. When the national oil company creates a purchase order, Tenaris automatically receives it through the Portal and can begin managing the request. This synergy optimizes administrative and logistics processes.

Ecopetrol can also use the Rig Direct® Portal for dispatch requests, and Tenaris automatically activates the shipment.

The next phases, currently under development, will allow Ecopetrol to consult the status of its orders and all the documentation related to shipments on the Portal itself. When Tenaris ships materials and Ecopetrol then enters them into the system, the billing process will begin.

“We are proud to bring these innovations to our long-term customer,” says Vicente Manjarrez, President of Tenaris for the Andean Region. “This latest step advances our digital integration, bringing greater efficiency and higher standards of service to Ecopetrol.”

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