Tenaris PipeTracer® technology drives efficiency in offshore fields in UK and Thailand

In its efforts to lead the digital transformation of the tubular supply chain, Tenaris has been able to prove in the North Sea and Thailand how PipeTracer® technology contributes to reducing costs through this innovative digital solution.

PipeTracer® technology is a unique tracking and traceability mobile application that allows operators to identify Tenaris products on-site in real time, improving accuracy, streamlining operations and increasing safety through less pipe handling.

In 2017, Maersk Oil (now part of Total) was the first to adopt PipeTracer® technology for its Culzean project in the North Sea, a HPHT gas condensate field located 260 km off the coast of Aberdeen.

The casing design was a critical success factor for drilling these complex wells. PipeTracer® technology allowed Maersk to identify the wall thickness and length of each pipe, embedded into a digital running tally.

“Working in partnership with Maersk Oil and subsequently, Total, the Culzean project meant a new step in Tenaris’ long standing commitment to the North Sea. This was the perfect stage for the PipeTracer® pilot project, proving the impact of digital integration in offshore operations,” said Tenaris Eastern President, Gabriel Podskubka. 

More recently, in 2019, PipeTracer® app was used in a large project in Thailand. Time reductions of up to 80% were observed in length measurement and deck tally preparation, which translated to saving over 500 man-hours per 100 wells.

To date, PipeTracer® technology has been used and validated by 15 operators around the world.

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