Tenaris presents solutions for mature fields at LACPEC 2020

In the first virtual edition of the Latin American and Caribbean Petroleum Engineering Conference  (LACPEC) 2020, Tenaris experts presented five projects developed with customers from the Andean region and Argentina, designed to show the benefits of its products and technologies in the development of mature fields.

“These papers cover different problems encountered in mature fields, such as rotation, corrosion or friction, and illustrate how Tenaris’s engineering and technologies contribute to more efficient operations,” explained Constantino Espinosa, who leads the technical sales team in the region.

In the first presentation, Tenaris representatives demonstrated how the  TenarisHydril Wedge 461™ connection helped Geopark optimize well design, reducing operating costs in the Eastern Plains of Colombia.

Attendees of the second presentation learned how the application of the TXP® Buttress connection reduced problems with rotating and placing pipes in its final position in mature fields, laying deep in the Ecuadorian jungle.

In another of the projects led by Tenaris and Ecopetrol, the team was able to show the benefit of applying solutions such as TenCoat™ Liner HDPE in mature fields with corrosion and friction issues. 

"Through teamwork, Tenaris and Ecopetrol achieved strategic goals in the context of improving process efficiency and reducing production costs," said Gloria Duarte, an Ecopetrol engineer.

Participants also had the opportunity to hear about lessons learned and recommendations made regarding the extensive use of casing while drilling technology in operations in Argentina.

The last presentation highlighted the advantages of using critical-service steel to reduce pipe failures in remote environments with difficult access, such as the Peruvian jungle. 

To read the papers presented, please click on the following links:

  • ‘Optimization of Casing Design for Wells Drilled in Llanos Region (Colombia)’. Carolina Romero, Tenaris and Jorge Alvarez, Geopark,
  • ‘Failure Reduction and Time Optimization on Casing Rotation Operations in Directional Wells of Mature Fields in Ecuadorian Jungle’. Randall Rodriguez, from Tenaris and Sergio Hernandez, from Schlumberger,
  • ‘High Density Polyethylene Liner: Successful Alternative Against Corrosion and Wear Problems in Production Tubing of Mature Fields in Colombia’ Gloria Duarte, Miguel Mateus and Jose Estévez from Ecopetrol; and Patricia Barragan from Tenaris,
  • ‘The Use of Drilling With Casing To Set a New Standard for Drilling Operations in Argentina’. Constantino Thorny, Rebasa, C.I. Lojk, C. Roldan, D. Codega, T. Castineiras, Tenaris; R.D. Watts, Wells Technology Advisors,
  • ‘Reduction of Well Intervention Index in Lot - 8 of Peruvian Jungle’, Juan Huaringa, R. Jasper from Tenaris, C.E. Chang from Pluspetrol,

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