Tenaris holds first virtual demo of PipeTracer® technology in Mexico

The Rig Direct® Academy located in Veracruz, Mexico was the perfect setting for Tenaris´s first virtual demonstration, organized to share the benefits of PipeTracer® technology with a major oil and gas company.

Through a live transmission, the customer was able to learn more about this unique tracking and traceability mobile application in real time.

Part of Tenaris’s digital integration solutions, PipeTracer® technology allows customers to track each pipe from the moment it leaves a production line until arrival at the rig. Using the app, O&G operators can access technical specifications and running guidelines as well as generate stands, running and return tallies digitally. This removes the need for manual counting while improving accuracy and streamlining operations. 

During the live demo, the customer witnessed how each pipe is marked at the mill, through the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and DataMatrix tags. Also, Tenaris representatives showed the information that easily comes up when reading the tags from a mobile device.

“With PipeTracer® you can avoid manual identification and registration of pipes. There's a direct impact on workload and data accuracy. By eliminating the need of manually measuring the pipes, the operational risks are drastically reduced due to less pipe handling and less personnel performing the job. Tallies are automatically saved and you can send them electronically, streamlining and simplifying processes,” said Victor Vázquez, Tenaris Sales Senior Manager in Mexico.

After the demo, customer representatives from the oil and gas major provided the following feedback:

“The first opportunity to use this technology would be on 14” casing in an offshore operation in 2-3 weeks in Mexico.”

“Multiple cameras and the ability to see the tablet screen was highly impressive! Looking forward to using the technology.”

“Great demo, great presentation and the time for Q&A. PipeTracer® looks like some great technology”.

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