Tenaris emergency remote assistance becomes viable long-term solution

When Tenaris initially implemented its emergency remote assistance, it was intended to be a temporary solution to confront the COVID-19 crisis. But following the project’s success with customers around the world, the online field service support is on track to become a potential solution in a world increasingly focused on digital solutions.

Cesar Gutierrez, Tenaris Field Services Director, said that the new service is not intended to replace traditional onsite support, but it has proven to be a complementary service for customers going forward. “Although our customers appreciate and understand the value of having a field service representative physically onsite, we know it’s important to add new models to our service portfolio and to be prepared for the future. We want to lead this change in field services and be able to offer a service according to our customers’ expectations.”

Since its inception in April 2020, Tenaris’s field services team has successfully performed 18 jobs for five customers across seven different regions, ranging from the North Sea to South America. The team provided services to ensure well integrity, including running assistance, pipe storage, RunReady™ services and rig returns.

Considering the complexity of some wells, the remote assistance was necessary to ensure safe running of products. “The customers felt safe knowing we could somehow be there,” Marcelo Gonzalez Pondal, Commercial Senior Director – Argentina, said. “The wells drilled by our customer are very deep, complex and costly, so our assistance for running the casing correctly is key.”

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