Tenaris Technical Gene program students design smart bus stops for communities in Argentina

Two smart bus stops providing real-time information and safety features have been installed in Zárate, Argentina, designed by students of Tenaris’s Technical Gene program, and strategically placed to connect the city center with outlying neighborhoods, and to Campana and the city of Buenos Aires. The first two stops were installed in Campana in August and September of 2020, but the project was delayed due to the pandemic.

"The students’ work has become a contribution to the city. When we see the stops,  we will be reminded of the impactful projects schools can achieve partnering with companies committed to the industrial training of its students," said Mario Pérez, director at a Tenaris Technical Gene school involved in the project.

The smart bus stops, developed by students of the program’s 2019 edition, enhance safety and offer passengers real-time bus information. The structures are also equipped with WiFi connectivity, USB ports, a panic button, anti-vandal glass and will have LCD data screens that will be powered entirely by solar panels which will be installed on the rooftops, giving the stops a sustainable imprint.

The project allowed students to put their learnings into practice from subjects such as Technological Drawing, Design and Machining, Assembly and Power Supply, Electronic Communications, Alternative Energies, Electrical Maintenance, Integrative Project and Safety, Hygiene and Environmental Protection.

Tenaris’s global Technical Gene program offers high school students from local communities around the world specialized training in industry 4.0 with opportunities to participate in industrial internships and technological projects.

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