Tenaris’s Chief Digital Officer talks value of digitalization in oil and gas with industry peers

Alejandro Lammertyn, Tenaris Chief Digital and Information Officer, spoke about the value of digital solutions and how Tenaris is responding to customers’ needs during the World Oil and Gas Digitalization Virtual Summit.

This exclusive two-day event, held September 9-10, brought together global oil and gas operators, oilfield services companies, government organizations as well as technological solution providers to discuss challenges and share insights on business strategies to accelerate industry transformation. The Summit evidenced the importance of trust between producers and suppliers to facilitate the development and implementation of digital solutions.  

“The industry needs to restructure, reduce overall costs relying on technology and a collaborative agenda. The pandemic has shown us the value of digital in keeping us connected, operative and leaner even in these difficult times, and Tenaris has provided customers with a complete ecosystem based on digital technologies,” said Lammertyn.  

During his presentation, Lammertyn highlighted Tenaris’s full set of tools that are adding value to customers’ operations, starting with its Rig Direct® services, explaining the company’s direct partnership with customers throughout their drilling projects, and where the scope of the model contemplates every need, from well planning, supply chain integration to complete execution to support well integrity, and after-sales support.

A further evolution of the company’s services model, added Lammertyn, is the Rig Direct® Portal which helps consolidate information for customers. “The platform builds reliability and simplifies communication and administrative work. Collaboration gives transparency and allows a reduction in overall costs and working capital.”  Lammertyn also introduced the company’s PipeTracer® application which identifies each pipe digitally and allows for customers to access product technical specifications, running guidelines among other related information in real time.

He discussed the use of APIs as fundamental to facilitating the connectivity with customers’ systems to execute administrative tasks and logistics, online, reducing the costs of each transaction. Digitalization, said Lammertyn, is adding value through real-time support, by leveraging for example, available drilling data from customers, breaking down the information and in turn, provide guidance in real-time on the use of Tenaris products, avoiding possible disruptions.

 “This is a huge change of mindset that digital opportunities are bringing, and it is impacting operations for the long term; we need to keep on adding this kind of value for our customers.”

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