Tenaris offers APIs to streamline customer experience

What do Airbnb, Amazon Web Services and Tenaris have in common? They all provide access to Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs. As part of Tenaris’s digital solutions offering, customers can now use APIs to integrate their internal systems directly with those of Tenaris, streamlining day-to-day activities, like call outs and invoicing, while minimizing manual tasks.

“The use of APIs is just one of the digital solutions we offer our customers to enhance their overall experience,” said Alejandro Lammertyn, Chief Digital and Information Officer at Tenaris. “We want to form a lasting partnership with our customers, and this level of systems integration plays an important role.”

Through APIs, Rig Direct® customers can:

  • Integrate their call out with purchase order process and with Tenaris confirmation.
  • Connect Tenaris dispatch tallies with customer’s goods received process.
  • Link their accounts payable process with their invoice submission.

Customers can experience full integration with Tenaris with minimal effort, making it an accessible option for small, medium and large operators. The first of these integrations is expected to go live with a major operator in Argentina and another in the US this month, with several more in development.

“APIs offer our customers a way to seamlessly retrieve and send information,” said Sergio Lavagna, IT Business Solutions Senior Director. “Our main objective is to allow customers to interact with Tenaris more easily by reducing informal communication, while avoiding manual tasks and potential mistakes.”

The APIs can also complement the Rig Direct® Portal, Tenaris’s online interface that allows customers to place orders, electronically track shipments and deliveries, manage rig returns and quickly access invoices.

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Tenaris APIs for digital integration

Tenaris APIs for digital integration

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