Tenaris presents research on coiled tubing failures during SPE ICoTA

Tenaris’s coiled tubing experts are hosting a technical presentation during the first SPE/Intervention and Coiled Tubing Association (ICoTA) Virtual Well Intervention Conference.

Members of Tenaris’s coiled tubing team shared research about a new coiled tubing failure mechanism which has appeared in the past three years, occurring in strings used for frac plug milling in extended reach wells, and provided possible causes for these failures.

On Monday, March 22, as part of the Data Enhanced Interventions and Diagnostics seminar, Tenaris’s coiled tubing Chief Technology Officer Bruce Reichert introduced the Coiled Tubing Vibration and Premature Failure paper, detailing Tenaris’s method of analyzing the dynamic response of coiled tubing using axial vibrations induced by a downhole extended reach tool and the resulting material response leading to failure.

“There has been a lot of speculation in the past regarding what was causing these failures. We believe we have gone a long way in our research to understand the root causes and we can work with our customers to look for ways to avoid this problem,” Reichert explained.

Tenaris’s coiled tubing products have been designed to meet the highest industry specifications. Tenaris’s coiled tubing is used in applications such as milling frac plugs, fishing, drilling, fracturing, logging, perforating, as well as for workover and stimulation operations. Setting a new standard for coiled tubing, Tenaris is the first to have developed a quench and tempered product that delivers two to four times the performance of standard coiled tubing.

Tenaris’s presentation is available here

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