Tenaris reduces CO₂ emissions in Romania through intelligent transport solutions

Tenaris’ seamless mill in Romania actively participates in company’s global strategy to reduce carbon dioxide emissions generated by its activities.

Tenaris has recently announced a medium-term plan to reduce the CO2 emissions intensity per ton of steel by 30% by year 2030.

Reviewing current processes to improve their long-term environmental performance is one of the components of the strategy. Transportation is the last link in the supply chain through which the products reach customers and a significant contributor to CO2 emissions.

New, more environmentally friendly transportation solutions were identified after Tenaris signed a partnership agreement with LKW Walter, a market leader in the intermodal transportation segment. As a result, Tenaris products are shipped to customers in Germany, Belgium, Great Britain and other European destinations by using a combination of trucks and rail freight.

Intermodal transportation has three important advantages over trucking: it reduces CO2 emissions, allows a higher load and gives Tenaris more flexibility in the process of loading finished products in its plant through shared trailers.

Tenaris’s mill in Romania managed in a short time to get 25% of its finished products volumes to be transported intelligently, reducing CO2 emissions generated by trucking by 50%.

"We are happy that we managed to find the right partner to accompany us on the decarbonization journey. We hope to be able to establish other partnerships that will help us reduce CO2 emissions in all our processes," said Mihaela Popescu, Tenaris President in Romania.

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