Tenaris streamlines customer experience in Ecuador and Peru with Rig Direct® Portal

Oil and gas customers can now manage their supply chain through the Rig Direct® Portal, Tenaris’s digital solution that allows customers to place orders, electronically review the status of their shipments, and quickly access business related documents – all in one digital location.

The tool, which was first deployed in the Andean region in 2017 was developed to enhance the Rig Direct® service model, which combines well planning, supply chain integration and well integrity support, and looks to deliver the exact products and services customers need whenever they need them.

All Tenaris customers with established long-term agreements in Ecuador and Peru have chosen to transition to this new platform that simplifies, streamlines, and expedites the pipe-buying experience.  

For the past year, the Tenaris team in the Andean region has supported customers such as Halliburton, ENAP, Wayra, Pañaturi, PlusPetrol, Petrosud, Shaya, and Shushufindi (the latter two, from the Schlumberger) as they shifted from email requests and manual entries to the online portal, simplifying administrative tasks through digital integration of the supply chains, managed via a single, consolidated platform.

“Key to this transition to the Portal was demonstrating to our customers its advantages beyond an order management platform but where they can also store related documents, such as delivery notes, pre-invoices and orders.” said Gustavo Martínez, Tenaris managing director for Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela. “Another was the support our team provided with training and the first few uses of the platform and being receptive to their input for future enhancements.”

Halliburton shared feedback, indicating it valued "the convenience and friendliness of the product," and how digitization streamlined their administrative procedure.

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