Solar PV panels help reduce carbon footprint at Tenaris mill in China

The PV installation is expected to generate around 1.36 million kWh of electricity annually, helping to reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 850 tons each year. Tenaris

A 1MUSD investment in a new solar photovoltaics (PV) power generation project has paved the way for the installation of 2,246 monocrystalline silicon PV panels across the OCTG and automotive component center facilities located in Tenaris’s mill in Qingdao, China, covering approximately 17,000 square meters. The initiative, with a capacity of 1.28 MW, is expected to generate around 1.36 million kWh of electricity annually, helping to reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 850 tons each year, replacing the carbon content of the local grid with clean energy generated by the solar panels. The installation was completed in two months and started supplying electric energy in October. One month since its launch, the solar panels already generated a total of 97,530 kWh of electricity, leading to a reduction of 92 tons of CO2 emissions and approximately USD6,240 in energy cost savings.

Tenaris managing director in Asia Pacific, Liu Jinghua Philix, emphasized, "This project is Tenaris’s first photovoltaic power generation project globally with a capacity exceeding 1 megawatt, and it is also the first photovoltaic project with energy storage in Qingdao, setting a standard for future similar projects in this city. This important investment will reinforce our positioning in China as the industry leader not only on products, but also on the carbon footprint reduction and for sure will become a quantifiable competitive advantage in the future."

This project is one of many that Tenaris has underway around the world to leverage energy efficiency and advance its commitment to the energy transition, reducing its environmental impact. By harnessing renewable energy sources such as PV power, and with investments like the wind farms in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the company is contributing to a more sustainable future.

Tenaris also has a product portfolio for low carbon energy, including products for hydrogen storage and transportation and geothermal applications.

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