Technical Gene students build domes with the support of Tenaris in Argentina

Seventy-six students participated in the construction of the domes. Tenaris

Students from five technical schools in the region, supported by Tenaris, have undertaken an impressive environmental project just a few kilometers from the company’s industrial center in Campana, Argentina, at the "Ciervo de los Pantanos" National Park.

The initiative involved the construction of five geodesic domes made from galvanized tubes manufactured at Tenaris’s facilities. These eco-friendly domes will serve various purposes, with a focus on promoting environmental consciousness among local schools. Equipped with solar panels and color-changing lights, the domes will be used for gatherings, training sessions, conferences, campfires, and movie screenings.

Domes are equipped with solar panels and color-changing lights. Tenaris

The undertaking involved students from different technical schools, each contributing their expertise to the project. The project's total investment amounted to US$60,000, underscoring Tenaris's commitment to sustainability and community involvement.

“Seventy-six students participated in this project. Their work has been truly remarkable, as well as the energy they put into it,” commented Tenaris President for the Southern Cone Javier Martínez Álvarez. “We are happy to support this space for biodiversity conservation, located just a few kilometers from our plant."

The Roberto Rocca Technical Gene program has been driving increasingly ambitious and sustainable projects in recent years. Prior successes include a solar-powered boat, smart shelters in public transport, and a cutting-edge hydroponic greenhouse.

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