Tenaris unveils modern, sustainable offices at Veracruz, Mexico, plant

New offices inside the rolling mill in Veracruz, Mexico. Tenaris

Tenaris’s global office redesign project is progressing with the unveiling of new offices inside the rolling mill in Veracruz, Mexico.

With large windows that provide ample natural light, the new offices feature modern furniture and an open-concept layout, with flexible workspaces – in which employees are not assigned a specific desk or workstation, but instead have the freedom to choose where they want to sit and work- that encourage collaboration, creativity and communication among employees. The redesign also includes the incorporation of smart lighting systems and more energy and eco-efficient HVAC systems for the comfort of employees.

In addition to the functional improvements, the new offices feature a distinct, aesthetic color palette reflective of the company's brand, and includes natural materials such as wood and stone.


“I’m convinced our employees will make the most of these changes. The redesign forms part of our response to the new way of working that we are implementing throughout all our facilities,” said Tenaris Executive Vice President and Managing Director in Mexico, Sergio de la Maza. “These new offices give us the opportunity to interact more directly among teams, from maintenance, operations, technology and programming. As a whole, we hope the team will have greater synergy.”

Tenaris continues to invest in its operations and facilities to provide its employees with comfortableworking spaces that boost wellbeing and are conducive to collaboration.

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