Dopeless® technology: pioneering 20 years of innovation

Dopeless® technology eliminates the need to apply running compounds at the rig, increasing running reliability, for cleaner, safer and more sustainable operations. Tenaris

More than two decades ago, Tenaris achieved a milestone in the energy industry by successfully conducting the first commercial trial of Dopeless® technology in the North Sea on July 15, 2003. Until that point, and since the introduction of rotary drilling, casing and tubing had consistently relied on thread compounds or dopes for lubrication during running and storage.

Dopeless® technology presented a truly disruptive proposition: eliminating the need for dope by applying a dry, multifunctional coating during the production process. This innovation not only simplified handling and enhanced safety at the rig but also contributed to a significant reduction in the environmental footprint of oil and gas operations.

“Today, after all these years, the pioneering customers who first embraced the technology still rely on Dopeless®. That is truly remarkable,” says Tomás Castiñeiras, Tenaris Technical Sales Director for Central & South America, who was part of the team that tested Dopeless® technology in the North Sea back in 2003.

20 years ago, the Tenaris team conducted the first commercial trial of Dopeless@ technology in the North Sea. Tenaris

To date, Dopeless® technology has been installed in over 50 countries, totaling more than 65 million feet or 20 million meters. Despite its continuous evolution over the past two decades, the fundamental concept of Dopeless® technology remains unchanged, underscoring its enduring strength and relevance.

After its successful testing in the North Sea, Dopeless® technology was officially launched in 2003. The acid test came with Snøhvit, a groundbreaking project by Statoil, now Equinor. The client needed a solution to meet the strict zero-discharge regulations set by the Norwegian government. Featuring eight wells, Snøhvit became the first development to adopt Dopeless® technology for all its casing, tubing, and liners. To date, the Dopeless® connections used in Snøhvit continue to perform flawlessly, even after more than 18 years below the seabed.

“At first, production was almost artisanal. Dopeless® was exclusively manufactured at our Siderca and Tamsa seamless tubes mills in Argentina and Mexico. We invested, persisted, and kept adjusting and testing relentlessly. This has set our dope-free solution apart in the market,” notes Gabriel Carcagno, Tenaris Research & Development Vice President, who led the product development team behind Tenaris's dope-free solution.

Today, Dopeless® production lines are located in Argentina, Mexico, Indonesia, Italy, Scotland, Romania, Kazakhstan, and the USA. Additionally, ten self-contained Dopeless® technology units have been deployed worldwide, capable of coating accessories and repairing pipes.

Another significant milestone in the evolution of Dopeless® technology was the integration with Wedge technology following the acquisition of Hydril in 2007. "During the integration process of both companies, Wedge and Dopeless® complemented each other very well from the beginning, enhancing the benefits of Hydril's technology," adds Castiñeiras.

Dopeless@ technology is a field-proven coating system industrially applied at the Tenaris mills around the world. Tenaris

Dopeless® technology today stands as the most successful and widely adopted dope-free solution worldwide, boasting an unmatched testing and usage record. Building on the experience gained from using Dopeless® technology in the field over two decades, Tenaris continued to advance this solution and has recently released its 3.0 version.

Dopeless® Technology 3.0 maintains all the benefits of the previous versions and offers additional advantages, including increased robustness, over-torque capacity, frictional stability in the presence of contaminants, maximum service temperature, and corrosion resistance.

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