Tenaris supports Veren’s record-breaking lateral well in Canada

Veren has drilled the longest well in Canada, achieving a 5,400-meter lateral. Tenaris

Veren (formerly Crescent Point Energy Corp.) achieved a milestone in drilling by completing the longest onshore well in Canada. Located in Alberta’s Duvernay basin, the well features a 5,400-meter lateral. Tenaris supplied OCTG and TenarisHydril premium connections for this record-setting operation.

Veren extended its well during the drilling operation to achieve the current lateral length record. Tenaris supplied a range of premium technologies to support this project, including TenarisHydril Wedge™ Series 400 premium connections. Tenaris also provided Rig Direct® service, streamlining the supply chain and ensuring the customer had the products they needed when they needed them.

Adam Praski, Drilling Team Lead for Veren, said, “With Tenaris’s assistance, we confirmed that our standard casing design would work for this extended reach well. The combination of Wedge™ and TXP® BTC connections provided us with a rotational capability contingency option.”

The robust design of the Wedge™ Series 400 connections proved instrumental in addressing the demanding shale conditions encountered during the drilling process. The high galling resistance and exceptional performance under extreme torque levels facilitated smooth rotating, running, and cementing operations, which ultimately contributed to the successful completion of the lateral length of the well, in a single bit run.

Tenaris's technical team collaborated closely with Veren, providing tailored solutions and expertise to optimize the drilling process. This collaborative effort resulted in significant time and cost savings, with the project completed ahead of schedule and without any non-productive time (NPT).

“Our ongoing experience working with Tenaris is highly positive. The technical assistance team has routinely gone above and beyond with detailed and professional service,” added Praski.

“Tenaris remains committed to supporting Veren and other drilling operators in Canada with advanced products and connection technology and customized solutions, ensuring ongoing innovation and customer success,” said Shellie Clark, Vice President Commercial in Canada.

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