Tenaris hosts inaugural Global Industrial Workshop in Bay City, TX

Tenaris is hosting its first Global Industrial Workshop for hourly employees, September 23-27, in Bay City, Texas, home to the most technologically advanced pipe manufacturing mill in the world.

About 100 employees from seven countries will take part in the week-long specialized sessions. Shop floor employees and technical leaders will have the opportunity to meet colleagues, share work successes and challenges, tour the seamless pipe mill and experience Tenaris’s latest IT tools.

Participants will also be discussing the compay’s integrated leading principles on safety and health, and will be engaging in deep technical discussions, honing in on critical equipment utilized in the final pipe manufacturing process at Tenaris mills, worldwide.

TenarisBayCity, which started operations in late 2017, is equipped with a high level of automation and as the company’s most technologically sophisticated plant, was a fitting location for the workshop.

“We have a unique approach to manufacturing and it starts with our employees whom drive and guide our operations on the shop floor of our mills and our service centers,” said Luca Zanotti, Tenaris President, USA. “It is our responsibility to ensure our teams have the proper tools, knowledge, experiences, and motivation to develop and grow.”

In 2018, Tenaris delievered 1.7 million training hours to its employees across its global footprint. Tenaris’s workshop is driven by the company’s culture for continuous improvement and its commitment to industrial excellence.

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