Dopeless® technology improves operations in Ecuador

The Shushufindi-Aguarico field is located 100 kilometers from the city of Coca, in the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador. This mature field is operated under a specific services contract scheme, with funding for secondary and enhanced recovery provided by the Shushufindi Consortium, formed by Schlumberger and Tecpetrol.

Given the operation’s environment, the consortium decided to look for a technology that would minimize waste discharge that pollutes the environment. In addition, they required a solution that would offer operational improvements and also reduce running times by using a connection able to decrease the number of re-makeups during the running. They decided to choose TenarisHydril Blue® connections with Dopeless® technology.

Dopeless® technology is a dry, multifunctional coating applied in a fully automatic and controlled process at Tenaris mills worldwide. By eliminating the use of storage and running compounds, the solution promotes safety and prevents the discharge of pollutants generated when the threads are cleaned and compounds applied at the rig site. It also significantly minimizes running times and increases the reliability of the running by reducing the risk of re-makeups and rejects.

The TenarisHydril Blue® connection, coupled with torque shoulder and metal-to-metal seal, resists the most complex operating conditions in the world. It has a compression efficiency of 100% and an excellent over-torque capacity. The technology also has the versatility to be run in multiple applications.

Over nearly one and a half years, the combination of Tenaris’s dope-free solution and reliable premium connection technology provided outstanding results for the Shushufindi Consortium and minimized the environmental impact. In total, the consortium made up 1,676 connections without rejects. The use of Dopeless® technology improved running times by an average of 23% in all the wells and the connections only required 6 re-makeups, while standard connections needed 29.

In addition, Tenaris’s field services team assisted with the operation in order to get the most out of the products. The highly trained and certified specialists conducted various activities before and during the running of the products, including inspections, training, sharing of procedures and practices recommended by Tenaris.

With this successful experience, the Shushufindi Consortium verified the various operational and environmental advantages offered by the combination of TenarisHydril Blue® connections with Dopeless® technology. This combination has been established as a standard in the company’s well completion designs.

Read the complete case study here.

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