Remote assistance enables Tenaris to support customers during COVID-19

Emergency remote assistance, implemented by Tenaris at the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, brings expertise and support to customers when field service representatives are unable to visit the rig due to coronavirus prevention measures.

Available to customers 24/7, remote assistance can be delivered online or on-call, with the former contingent on web-connectivity at the rig. Through this accommodation, field service specialists are able to provide guidance on running Tenaris products, following the Tenaris Running Manual and Connection Guidelines.

“The rigs have not suddenly stopped. They have to finish drilling the wells once they’ve begun,” points out Cesar Gutierrez, Tenaris field services director. “Customers understand the importance of having field service support at the rig, but when it’s not possible due to their internal mitigation plans or government regulations, we can step in and help remotely.”

Providing assistance to customers abroad poses even greater challenges, but also creates opportunities for innovation and improvement. A team working on a major project in the North Sea had to quickly switch gears once the COVID-19 crisis brought on-site visits to a halt.

“As recently as last December, we visited the customer’s platform, but with travel restrictions in place, we had to pivot,” describes Haley Ross, Field Service Manager for the North Sea. “With extensive planning and preparation, we ensured that the job was a success. Distance notwithstanding, we kept in constant contact with the customer and problem-solved in real time. Current circumstances are undoubtedly extraordinary, but the foundation of customer service will always stay the same.”

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