Major oil and gas operators from Argentina witness product trials at Tenaris Rig Direct® Academy

Representatives from major oil & gas companies visited Tenaris’s Rig Direct® Academy in Veracruz for exclusive trials of TenarisHydril Wedge Series 400™. Tenaris

Twelve representatives from major oil and gas operators in Vaca Muerta - the world's second largest shale deposit located in Argentina - visited Tenaris’s Rig Direct® Academy in Veracruz, Mexico, the company’s training and testing rig, for exclusive trials of TenarisHydril Wedge Series 400™. 

Representatives from Argentina´s Business Unit hosted, for the first time, personnel from clients such as YPF, Pan American Energy, Vista Energy, Phoenix, Pampa Energía and Tecpetrol, at the testing rig for full-scale product demonstrations performed under real operating conditions.

Federico D’Amico, Unconventional Drilling Leader at Phoenix, said these trials “help to break industry paradigms of not sharing knowledge between companies” and that these kinds of practices “need to be done more often.” “The know-how exchange was very valuable. It’s not every day that we get to live an experience where we can run tests in a real operation,” said Jorge Caro, Sr. Drilling Engineer at Pan American Energy.

Cristian Bahl, who works as Drilling Projects Engineer at YPF, highlighted having “the engineer who designed the connection among us, which was very fruitful.” “We spent a week with a group of peers working in synergy, while trying to move ahead by developing Vaca Muerta,” said Leonardo Tisera, Unconventional Drilling Leader from Vista Energy. Leonardo Álvarez, Sr. Drilling Engineer at Pampa Energía, expressed appreciation for the opportunity. “Our days are filled with tight schedules and an event like this allows us to share experiences and enrich our operations.”

Among the technologies tested was TenarisHydril Wedge 463® connection, specifically designed for production casing in unconventional wells where exceptionally high torque, gas sealability and optimum fatigue resistance are required. This was also the first time that the Dopeless® technology on Chromium13 was tested among clients.

“Initiatives like this one help maximize synergies between Tenaris and its clients with whom we share a common goal: to boost the development of a key resource like Vaca Muerta”, said Gustavo Martin, Commercial Vice President of Tenaris Argentina. “An asset like the Rig Direct® Academy helps us to launch proven technologies to the market. Our products are tested not only in laboratories but also in scenarios that replicate customer operations, reducing risks and increasing reliability and efficiency,” added Martin.

While in Veracruz, the operators had the opportunity to visit Tenaris’s mill, Tamsa, located across from testing rig site, and learn, first hand, about the production process of the technologies and products they use daily at their rigs.

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